Client Engagement

BMR provides each of our health care partners with specific deployment strategies that have been proven successful.

The following is a brief example of the contract layout and deployment strategies we have successfully implemented with other current health care group partners.

Businessmen and Businesswomen Arriving and Shaking Hands in a Lobby

  1. Contract: Upon initial discussions between BMR and health care provider client, BMR will forward to the client a master contract for review and approval by pertinent client representatives.
  2. Binder Policy: Upon execution of master contract BMR will provide proper insurance documents to client.
  3. Memorandum and Survey Form: This emailable document can be sent to each facility. Attached to the email would be a silver reclamation and film destruction form to be completed by each facility. This form is forwarded to a BMR representatives as an initial site assessment of the current and potential needs for each facility.
  4. Barrington Medical Recycling Representative Facility Engagement: BMR staff will engage each facility beginning with those which have completed the respective site survey form. Initial discussions centered on confirmation of provided information and further assessment of facility specific needs. If a specific facility is under current contract for x-ray film services BMR will advise copies of said contract be reviewed by facility representatives to confirm terms and avoid any potential financial liability.
  5. Site Survey / Site Assessment: Based on BMR facility engagement it may be determined a site specific survey should be performed at the onsite or offsite storage location. This process will not entail any removal of film rather confirm specific logistics, supplies, staffing, and purge parameter sampling.
  6. Facility Specific Scope Of Work: BMR will create a Scope of Work (SOW) document for each specific facility determining and defining the specific purging parameters. This SOW will develop a detailed breakdown of the specific facility requirements working closely with the facility’s staff leadership. Additional copies of the SOW to be sent to project manager as well.
  7. Facility Purge: Upon review and approval of facility specific SOW, BMR will finalize a start date coordinating all activities with the facility staff leadership. We will begin and continue the SOW project, loading appropriate x-ray jackets including film into our trucks to be delivered to our directed facilities. This process will be done professionally and safely with the oversight and guidance of each facility. The length of time this step requires will be determined by the complexity and size of the SOW. Upon completion of the facility SOW, we will provide a Bill of Laden to the client showing the inventory (quantities) of jacket/film being transferred in our custody. BMR will receipt in the client inventory to our facilities where it will be weighed, separated and processed. We will then provide the client a summary of all gross weights received.
  8. Barrington Medical Recycling Fee Advance: BMR will advance to the client any funds provided for within the contract terms within 5 calendar days from date of delivery.
  9. Settlement Process: BMR will also provide settlement figures to the client within approximately 4-5 weeks, along with proceeds per the contract term along with a Certificate of Destruction that will reference the inventory destroyed.